Mini Curd Balls | Palakayalu

Palakayalu are small, deep-fried, crispy balls made with a rice-flour dough. These are made in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. These are a perfect tea-time snack.

Sabudana Bonda | Saggubiyyam Bondalu | Sago Fritters

Crisp, spongy and tasty sabudana bonda is made differently. What sets apart sabudana bonda is its sour taste and spongy texture from inside. Enjoy this tasty bonda with tomato ketchup/dhaniyala kharam/coconut chutney/any pickle of your choice.

Mango Chutney | Mamidikaya Tokku

Fresh, vibrant, and absolutely BURSTING with flavor, you’re going to love this versatile and wonderfully delicious chutney. The flavor is really unlike anything you’ve tasted before. It can be served with rotis and dosas.

Bell Pepper and Broccoli Curry

Broccoli and Bell Pepper are not traditionally used in Indian cooking, but they take to Indian spices very well. With these tasty ingredients on hand, take a stab at this colorful mixed vegetable recipe.